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I just saw Brave yesterday and i draw fan art wooh
EDIT/ larger version 


I just saw Brave yesterday and i draw fan art wooh

EDIT/ larger version 

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Be Brave.~

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Alright it’s time to break this down.

First gif: Really for the first time since the prologue, Merida is genuinely scared. But now her horror is more meaningful because we’ve come to know Merida as a fearless, rebellious lass! In this instance Mor’du is on top of her and she is just seconds away from death. She is vulnerable and she can’t do anything now. At this moment we see her in state where she can not put on a brave face as she has been able to do prior.

Second gif: Seriously guys. Elinor is tied down by dozens of men and wasn’t able to escape. But as soon as she saw her daughter in danger, that quick look of utter horror comes across her face before it’s replaced with that fierce, furious roar and snarl. With all the energy she can muster, Elinor just friggin rips those ropes off herself and springs into immediate action. All that matters is her daughter.

Last gif: ELINOR FRIGGIN ATTACKS MOR’DU. THE DEMON BEAR. THE. DEMON. BEAR. Look at that thing!! But no one is safe from a mother’s love for their baby—and Mor’du is no exception. And really, you can see right before Elinor hits him that Mor’du is going to lunge right down at Merida. Any later and Merida would have been Mor’du’s prey. However, Elinor is able to defeat the evil bear and save him from…well…himself.

I could write several essays about this scene alone.

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To the awesome Scottie roleplayer xDD I can’t really roleplay with an outsider of this group, it’s a rule ;v; therefore I suggest you add up my personal Merida account! <3 Sorry about that and I really love to continue roleplaying with you with this account, but it’s not really allowed here…

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*smirks right back* Weel, Emrys and Gwenhwyfarr are just as scary as mum an' da. Ah can be VEERY intimidatin' as weel. *chuckles* Ach, though-- mum's go' a shairt temper. *smirks wider, eyes glinting mischieviously* Dragons, faeries, an' lake beasts, ev'n? *puts his hands on his hips* Oh, are ye? Ah can shoot through a ringlet in m' braithar's curly hair, an' Ah can use m' sword veery well. Cairse, Ah use a long sword, tae...~

Ah, I see… -giggles softly with a nod- Aye, Ah’ve seen wisps, tha’s fer sure - they’ve led me to m’ fate that Ah really wasn’t expectin’… An’ yeh’re not intimidatin’ me too much! -grins at- An’ what mums don’t have short tempers, eh? But assumin’ from the age of yer eldest brotha’, yer parents are surely very healthy and old… -has a momentary surprised look her face before she smirked back at him, drawing out her sword with a proud grin-

Aye, of course! Ah’ve competed with the firstborns of three clans an’ defended m’ mum from gettin’ killed by an evil bear… Ye can shoot through a ringlet? Ah’ve shot pass through another arrow, right to the center of the target.

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*chuckles and shakes his head* Yer mum doesnae know much aboot ye, then. *smirks widely* How aboot five? Molly, Sadie, Gwenhwyfarr, Rosa, and Mary. Ah've an ENAIRMOUS family, luv. Ah... Week, Gwen and Emrys are the same age, 25, Molly and Liam are 19, Saemus, AND Sadie are bothmy age , and Rosa an Art'ur are 20. *laughs* Hope ye donnae mind sharin' a room wit' a bunch o' strange creatures-- we've barely room there!*smiles wider* Ah'd love to stay. *smirks* Ah could teach ye archery....


Tha’s - dear God, tha’s a LOT of siblings! Yeh’re ridiculous - how did yer mum an’ dad manage to withstand such a huge bunch of devils!? -laughs out loud in amusement- A-Aye, just thinkin’ about it amuses me terribly…

of course Ah don’t mind! Ah met a lot more strange creatures around here, an’ Ah’m fine with all of them… An’ you want to teach me archery? Heh, no thanks, milord - Ah have to admit Ah’m already good at it. -smirks at-

mistress-of-all-e-v-i-l replied to your photo: OOC: A quick fanart since I’m that bored ;v;…

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Would You Change Yer Fate? Answered a Question

(( ★ Tell me all about Merida and Scottie, m'dear. ))


OOC: adfhjgkhsfkghkdghkgskjh weeps i actually ship ScottiexMerida because I have a whole bunch of headcanons of them and they’re such an unlikely pairing it’s painfully adorable OTP.

I think Merida at first sees him as a man that she feels intimidated to be around with (therefore explaining how she tries her best to sound friendly and proper as how her mother taught her), and as they progress in their friendship, Merida becomes more and more comfortable with him and fights would sometimes arise, including informal snappy remarks and amusing playtimes - even you know, swordfighting and a little bit of archery and adventure-trekking around the lands.

And somehow, despite their difference in age and height (not to mention how Merida didn’t know about Scottie’s truth about himself), she gradually falls in love with him because except her family, he would probably the only non-blood-related person that fully accepts her and her flaws, and she truly appreciates that. Merida finds him really interesting, and if not painfully attractive, with his gruff side but at times she can find his soft spots when they are usually alone (and without her realising it). 

I’M SORRY I HAVE TOO MUCH FEELS FOR THESE TWO AUGH i hate it when i have personal otps


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